Strategy Planning & Project Management

One of the main sectors of our activities is the development of ideas and the submission of project proposals, which are state-of-the-art services, in dynamic sectors of the domestic economy.

Our goal is to open new horizons, which will lead to the solution of existing problems and needs (recorded or not), following a methodologically innovative approach, always interacting with the end user.



The development of these actions is considered critical for the production of innovative and quality service solutions that address a complex set of problems and issues, such as:

  • the development and promotion of entrepreneurship and the consequent reduction in unemployment,
  • the management of solid and liquid waste
  • energy saving
  • ensuring a minimum standard of living for non-self-sufficient groups of people,
  • the handling of emergencies (natural disasters, etc.).



The scope of the proposed actions are the grade a’ and grade b’Organizations of OTA, as well as the wider central government organizations, as they are the entities that pool the responsibilities and resources that give them a co-ordinating role in the above issues.