Our goal is to support entrepreneurship as a whole, focusing on the category of startups. In this context we provide professional support actions throughout the development stages of a business. In particular, our company provides:

  • Support actions when starting a business venture

  • Actions to support existing businesses to improve their professional performance



Indicatively, our professional support actions are:

  • Guiding new teams and focusing in all stages of transforming an idea into a sustainable product or sustainable business.

  • Preparation of all the necessary studies for the strategic planning of a business, both in the pre-competitive stage and after the start of its operation and its market integration

  • Advice on making professional decisions, or on solving professional problems, or on professional development.

  • Networking entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial ecosystems, transferring knowledge and leveraging innovative solutions.






Potential beneficiaries of our projects are:

  • Young men and women who have come up with potentially commercially viable research results.
  • Groups of entrepreneurs who have creative ideas and want to turn them into sustainable businesses or products.
  • Businesses being set up or existing companies.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get involved in dynamic sectors of the Greek economy.
  • Businesses wishing to transform their business model by utilizing research results.