At BREAK-EVEN we carry out process studies to solve technical problems, develop new and improved products, optimize production processes, and integrate technological innovations to improve technological content and improve the competitiveness of our customers’ products.

Process studies include a series of steps, which are followed to optimize and analyze the processes. Depending on the product or service, these steps are formulated, modified or eliminated from each study to better reflect the process, reduce costs and production time, in combination with improving product quality.


Our company is able to provide consulting services, through specialized scientific team, to small or large production or processing plants, such as food, materials (organic-inorganic-polymers), solid and liquid wastes, etc., which have as a target:

  • overall process monitoring
  • optimizing the process, with the aim of increasing the added value of the product
  • the energy exploitation of process by-products
  • process modeling and design of new product and product lines